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Memory Improve Master is an intellectualized and easy-to-use application designed to optimize and monitor system memory. It frees up and compresses system memory to make processes run faster and crash less often. Powerful features include the ability to view and monitor data of RAM memory, paging file usage and CPU usage in real time, set parameters RAM optimization, display running processes on you PC, etc. Memory Improve Master shows real-time system information about Windows with a dynamic graph. This information includes usage of CPU, physical memory and paging file. Memory Improve Master includes four Rule Lists: White List, Black List, Smart List and Idle List. The four lists can be found on Memory Optimization tab. They are designed for recording process list and showing the way of memory optimization or distribution when those processes are running. Users can use White List and Smart List simultaneously or use Black List and Idle List simultaneously. Memory Improve Master has an intelligent optimization module; it performs intelligent monitoring / analysis of system running. The module can establish relevant optimization strategies automatically, and optimize system performance in real time. It makes your system work more efficiently and with greater stability.

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